GoodyGood's Terms

Version 1.1 – 22 September 2021

Thanks for putting your hand up to be a GoodyGood. If you’re here to study up on our terms and conditions, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Our Terms
  2. About GoodyGood
  3. Our Services
  4. Payment
  5. Content and intellectual property
  6. Third party tools, resources and services
  7. Limitation of liability
  1. Our Terms

    1. These terms apply when you use GoodyGood’s website, apps or any Services made available by this website.
    2. We can change these terms at any time, so keep checking in. We’ll email you at least a week before any changes to the meaning or effect of our terms, but we won’t bother you about changes that are just us fixing mistakes or if the changes aren’t consequential.
    3. You can cancel your GoodyGood account if you don’t agree with any changes we make to our terms, before they take effect. If you keep using GoodyGood after we’ve changed the terms, we’ll treat that as you having accepted the new terms.
    4. These terms and your use of GoodyGood are governed and interpreted under the laws of New Zealand. No other jurisdiction applies.
  2. About GoodyGood

    1. GoodyGood is a trading name for GoodyGood Limited (GoodyGood, We, Us, Our), a limited liability company registered in New Zealand. We help people who want to do more about climate change offset their carbon emissions and fund climate projects.
  3. Our Services

    1. Our services include offsetting carbon emissions and funding climate projects that help you mitigate your climate impact (“Services”).
    2. Our Services are provided via our website and app(s).
    3. We research and vet the projects we use to provide our Services and publish information about each project and their relevant certifications on our website.
    4. You need to create a GoodyGood account to use our Services. You’re responsible for making sure that you provide us with accurate information, for keeping your username and password secure and for making sure your account isn’t used inappropriately.
    5. You must be at least 18 to buy our Services. If you are 18 years old or over, you can create an account to buy our Services for someone else, including any kids or pets who also want to mitigate their climate impact, but you’ll be completely responsible for the account.
    6. You can buy our Services with a regular subscription, or with a one-time purchase. You can buy our Services using our website, any apps that we might provide, or through a third party such as an authorised reseller or affiliate. We’ll provide our Services to you as we describe them on our website and under these Terms.
    7. If you’re doing your bit for the planet with a regular subscription, we’ll give you at least two weeks’ notice if the cost of the Service is changing, it’s being discontinued, or if we’re making a significant change to the Service.
    8. If you sign up for a subscription, we’ll give you a cooling off period of two weeks. If you change your mind within that time, we’ll refund any money you’ve paid us in that time, but only to the payment card you used to sign up.
    9. Where the process isn’t automated, we retire carbon credits quarterly, to at least the amount of carbon offsetting that’s been purchased in the prior quarter. We’ll also do an annual wash-up and report on our purchasing and retirements annually.
    10. We reserve the right to refuse or limit access to our Services or cancel your account for any reason, at any time.
    11. We’ll treat your personal information as promised under our Privacy Policy.
  4. Payment

    1. You pay for our Services through a third-party payment services provider. Their terms of service are made accessible to you when you buy our Services.
    2. When you add payment card details to your account, you warrant to us that you’re using a payment card that’s yours, or that you’re definitely authorised to use the payment card that you are using.
    3. We don’t store any of your payment card details ourselves.
  5. Our content and intellectual property

    1. Unless we say otherwise, all content provided by us on our website and apps is owned by us or licensed to us.
    2. You give us a permanent, non-exclusive and royalty-free license to use content you upload, post, share or provide through your use of our website, apps or Services.
    3. Except where it’s limited by law in our jurisdiction, you waive any moral rights related to the content you provide us.
    4. You’re solely liable for any content you upload, post, share or provide through us. Please make sure you have the right permissions for any content that’s not yours.
    5. We’re not responsible for filtering or moderating user generated content. However, we reserve the right to remove, delete, block, or rectify user generated content as we see fit, without prior notice.
    6. Access to our Services, website and apps doesn’t give you any intellectual property rights relating to them. You can’t copy, represent, change, transmit, reverse engineer, or publish any part of our Services, website or app without clear written permission from us.
  6. Third party tools, resources and services

    1. Through us, you might have access to tools, resources or services provided by third parties. We’re not responsible for things provided by third parties, so you use these at your own risk.
  7. Limitation of liability

    1. Unfortunately, a lot of things are outside of our control, so we don’t guarantee that our website, apps or Services will be without interruptions, timely, secure, free from mistakes or able to be relied upon.
    2. We’re not responsible for any loss or damages you might incur in using GoodyGood. You indemnify us against any loss incurred if you don’t follow these terms or through your use of our Services.
    3. To the extent permitted by law, our total liability to you in relation to our website, apps and Services is limited to NZD$100.