GoodyGood Projects

When you subscribe to GoodyGood, you’ll be offsetting your climate impact through a selection of projects hand-picked by the analytical whiz-kids in our team.

Our projects do practical things like growing and maintaining trees, building renewable energy generation and protecting rainforest. They produce validated emissions savings and create certified carbon credits over time.

We do all the homework to make sure these projects truly are top notch, so you only have to deep dive into the details if you really want to. We’ll keep adding fresh projects to the mix too, so be sure to check back in to see what’s new.

Current Projects

Native forest in Taranaki

This project is on hill country in Moeroa, near Matemateaona, Taranaki, New Zealand.

The land here has been analysed for the uses that best match the land, so that it’s more productive and more sustainable. Land that isn’t great for farming has been reverted to native forest plantation, which is a fantastic way to suck up carbon over time and to support the natural biodiversity of the area.

The land owners also enjoy the benefits of better soil protection and a bit of income from bee keepers using the plantation as homes for their buzzy little buddies.

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Poo Power in Sofia, Bulgaria

Yep. We’re going there. It’s not just cows that create methane! When human poo goes to a wastewater treatment plant, a lot of planet heating gas gets released into the atmosphere.

This project in Bulgaria captures that excess gas and turns it into the power that runs the plant, saving around 425,000 tCO2e from entering the atmosphere. Any extra power generated is sent to the grid. A big part of the project also involves reducing the open release of methane by improving how sewage is treated, replacing old-school sludge drying beds and landfill options with mesophilic digestion and mechanical dewatering.

We love how this project uses innovative ways to reduce carbon on a large scale. The project isn’t publicly funded, so selling Gold Standard carbon offsets for the emission reductions it makes, helps make the project happen.

The project also contributes to UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) for Bulgaria. This project supports SDGs:

  • 6 – Clean water and sanitation
  • 11 – Sustainable cities and communities
  • 13 – Climate action

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Wind Power in India

India is really dependent on coal to generate energy and to produce stuff. Thermal power plants are the biggest users of coal in India. To reduce emissions and meet its energy needs, India needs more clean electricity generation.

These carbon reductions come from a project building five new wind turbines in Madhya Pradesh, India. Because people and businesses will be using electricity made by these turbines instead of fossil fuels, the project is expected to make carbon reductions of 18,045 tonnes of CO2 a year.

When you support this project through GoodyGood, you’re buying the carbon reductions it makes, which helps fund a clean energy project that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

The project also contributes to UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) for India. This project supports SDGs:

  • 7 – Affordable clean energy
  • 8 – Decent work and economic growth
  • 13 – Climate action

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Protect Amazon Forest in Brazil

This project protects over 27,000 hectares of Amazon forest in Paragominas, Brazil from being cleared to make way for livestock. The beautiful, established forest in this area does amazing work as part of the planet’s lungs right now.

The forest’s carbon sucking powers have been turned into carbon credits, which means landowners can keep their forest rather than turn it into farmland and the forest gets to keep doing its thing, absorbing around 370,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere a year.

The money from the carbon credits made by this project replaces the money that would have been made from the owner’s original plans to convert forest to farmland and covers the cost of keeping the forest and its local ecosystem in tip-top shape. To get the credits, the land owner cancelled the permit they had to clear the land and committed to only a limited amount of harvesting allowed under FSC-certified low-impact logging practices, with ongoing monitoring.

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Solar Power in Chile

Chile needs an increasing amount of electricity generation for its people and businesses. Unfortunately, even though Chile has an incredible environment for solar power, a lot of the new electricity generation being planned is for coal. Why? Because solar panels are great once you have them, but it costs a lot to get started.

Run under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), this project enables a connected grid of solar generation sites to be built, so that more of Chile’s increasing need for power is met by clean, renewable sources, rather than stuff that has a big climate impact. As more of these sites get built, they can replace fossil-fuel based power plants, helping reduce pollution even more.

The project lets eligible solar generation sites convert the emissions they’d save into UN Certified Emissions Reduction (CERS) carbon credits, which helps pay for the new technology. One of the really important eligibility criteria is that the projects have to be greenfields (completely new) projects.

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