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Have an overwhelming feeling of impending doom-scroll? Here’s our Top 5 Climate Newsletters to subscribe to

Staying informed and engaged about climate change is really helpful for taking climate action, but it’s also really hard to avoid sliding into a doom-scrolling habit. Newsletters are an awesome way to pick and choose content that’s useful and evidence-based, rather than click-baity and anxiety-inducing. 

In this blog, we share some of our favourite newsletters to subscribe to, all of which are on Substack. Yep, we love Substack. It gives writers a way to get paid without relying on advertising (which relies on click-baity stories…). All of these newsletters have lots of free content, but if you choose to pay for a subscription it means the writers will get paid too. 

Sustainability by Numbers

Created by Hannah Ritchie, a data scientist who does lots of work for Great for the nerds among us who love a good graph! If you’re looking for an evidence-based, data-driven approach to understanding how we build a sustainable world, this is the one for you. We love how Hannah goes really deep into questions that we might have about things like the sustainability of electric cars, what needs to happen for alternative proteins to make a big difference to climate change, or the cobalt that’s used in batteries. 

Climate Club

New Zealand-based and a great read if you're interested in doing something about climate change in terms of mobilisation, campaigning, and policy change. This Substack is less about news or climate education, but more about making it more accessible for you and I to take part in demanding top-down change. We love how every newsletter suggests different actions we can take in five minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Also worth reading their back-issues on climate doomerism too. 

Future Proof

Local climate journalism that covers climate (and wider environmental) issues in-depth from a New Zealand perspective, written by award-winning journalist Ellen Rykers at The Spinoff. Delivers on its promise as a great way to stay informed and inspired about our natural world, its challenges, and more importantly, the solutions. We love the local, positive feel of this newsletter and how it covers stories about Kiwis finding ways to do their bit about climate change. 


US-based Hothouse is original climate journalism with a focus on ways to act. As a climate solutions newsletter, its aim is to dig into the evidence, figure out what works, and deliver the news to your inbox. Every month or so, Hothouse publishes deep dives on a variety of topics, like seafood, investing, changing careers, electric vehicles, funerals, and organic agriculture. 

Heated World

Sometimes it's okay to not have a solution for climate change and just be a bit angry! This is the newsletter for that. Impassioned, scathing and often-funny reporting by US-based Emily Atkin. Heated World doesn’t hold back, and we love it for that. 

A lot of climate action requires at least a bit of knowledge and motivation. Getting some healthy climate content in your inbox can help you stay informed, inspired, and connected with a global community of good eggs with good ideas. It can also come in handy for the ol’ water cooler chat. Whatever flavours of climate action you prefer, there's a newsletter that’s perfect for you.Sorry, we couldn't find the post you were looking for.

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