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We love hearing from our customers, so were delighted recently when some new GoodyGoods got in touch to tell us a bit about themselves. Nathan and Tiff are a couple of Aussies in New Zealand having a go at travelling and doing vanlife as sustainably as they can. We loved reading their blog - check it out here. Here’s them in their own words: 

We are Nathan and Tiff. Two avid lovers of a different kind of travel. Tiff works as a locum radiographer, and Nathan runs our budding travel blog and social account to fund our trips and bring awareness to the negative impacts of the travel industry. We have always loved to travel. When we worked full time, we used two cars, went on multiple day trips, weekend trips and short trips overseas. It dawned on us how much of an impact this was having on the world we loved to explore. We decided to shake up our lives and embrace slow travel and vanlife to reduce our impact, but still get to do the things we love about travelling.

Our blog The Road Less Written is where we share our story to inspire other travellers to take a more eco-conscious road to travel and life as a whole. Instead of taking multiple flights in a year to see different places in the world, we are staying put in one place and slowly getting to see a lot more of it. We live differently, according to what we want from life and that makes it easier for us to prioritise being eco-friendly. We shop locally as much as possible, make pasta from scratch in the van, use solar powered everything and even compost our food scraps thanks to the handy app ShareWaste.

Taking life slowly has given us more time to ride and walk places instead of driving everywhere. When we do need to drive, we want to lessen the impact as much as we can, and that’s where GoodyGood came in. There’s no perfect solution to a completely eco-friendly motorhome. We feel less guilty about driving our home now that we can offset its emissions.

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